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     Astrology is a precise science but an intuitive art.  The technicalities and mechanics are cut and dried, but weaving them into a colorful, living story, easy to follow and accurate, is a gift.

     You won't get superfluous psycho babble here; you get your life story.


     The easiest and least expensive way to plot tomorrow today is to follow the Daily Lights, free on the Today page.   It is an accurate daily table of events for everyone.


     You can get the daily events calculated specifically for your sun sign by subscription, at 12$US per quarter (three month period).  The Expanded Daily Lights include the moons movements and how these affect your day, your mood, your outlook on tomorrow.  Yes, I know I used to post these for free, but you can still get them now for less than pennies a day.

     If you need a birth chart, and you know that you will, we have three different kinds available.


    A sidereal natal chart with basic interpretations includes:

  1. your sidereal sun sign, how it compares with your tropical chart;
  2.  your sidereal rising sign, rising stars, first house enhancements, which can point you in the rightest direction for living life optimally;  
  3. your sidereal moon sign and how it enhances your souls journey;  
  4. your planets and how they may have changed signs in the chart, to explain many mysteries of why astrology hasn't worked for you before;  
  5. and the sidereal Nodes, Part of Fortune, and other minor Parts which can change your whole outlook on yourself.  ‚Äč




     A basic sidereal natal chart is $55US and a lot of fun.

   An expanded natal chart with enhanced interpretations includes the above, plus:

  1. your self image
  2. your financial prospects
  3. your romantic prospects
  4. career aptitudes and best shot at your goal
  5. early family situations, parents and siblings
  6. family relationships in the present and future
  7. journies, trips, voyages for fun, profit, vacation or immigration
  8. religious and spiritual quests
  9. marriage possibilities, good and bad, what to pass up and when not to let go
  10. children of all kinds
  11. fun and recreation
  12. sex
  13. dreams and visions
  14. past life connections, future life choices
  15. health and how to promote the best lifestyle
  16. details on self improvement, how to relate to others as the sidereal you,
  17. where to focus on your future and how to perfect your hidden skills and talents.         

      An expanded natal chart $105US.

     Do you want to know what's going to happen this year, or during a particular period of time?

     Are you just looking for a particular event or action, like a new job?  Need to know the best days to look, the most compatible companies to pursue, the chances of getting your dream job?  Or, maybe the best day to launch your own business, your finished book, your fresh project?  

     Is this the right location for you geographically?  Will you be happy, prosper, feel at home?  Or is it bad for your health?

    Will you stay with this firm, advancing?  Do you have a shot at the top?  Or is this a line on your resume?  Let's find out!

    Back to school??  How far will you go???


     A transit chart is the way to find out.  A basic sidereal birth chart is included in a transit chart, which requires your date and place and time of birth, plus your current location.  The time period covered is three months, or a quarter, for $60US.





     Maybe you are thinking of getting serious.  Let's find out if he is Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Now.  Compare charts to be sure.  Find out how he handles disappointment, anger, alcohol, how he really feels about his mother.  


     These same compatibility chart can also tell you if your best friend really your best friend;  if the social set you are connecting with really fits your lifestyle;  if the job or city you are researching is going to fit you. 


     There is nothing invasive or immoral about this;  we only go as far as discovering compatibility, sympathy of values, directions in life, outlook, and character.  We take boundaries seriously!


     The birth information of those others involved would help, as would the time and day you first met;  but we can work around what you do have!!


     Compatibility with boyfriend, job, city, or social scene is $200US.




     Think about what you want to do with astrology!  It can light the road to solving all lifes' problems and to resolving internal issues.  There is every answer under the sun!!

Don't See What You Need?

     Having trouble deciding?  Or have a need that remains undefined?

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