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* O Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of
the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and
show me herein you are my Mother. O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth,
I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succour me in my necessity

(Mention Your Request)

* There are none that can withstand your power.

* O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (3 times)

* O Holy Mary, I place this cause in your hands. (3 times)

Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days. 

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Crashing Waves!

     The sun and moon come crashing together on Friday, 2 36 AM Pacific, 5 36 AM eastern time, energetically speaking.  The vernal equinox begins our new year that same day, a bit later in the afternoon.  A bit earlier, we in North America will witness the first total solar eclipse of the year, on what is technically New Years Day.  At the same moment, two of the brood of the Big Bad Wolf will square off in a scrapping frenzy which has been building like a tidal wave. As every surfer knows, riding a wave like that is exhilarating, the wave of a lifetime!!  What a rush!

     It just requires some skill.

     The embrace of the Lights takes place in Pisces, the sign of Intensity, Drama, Art, dual emotion, Music, More Drama, and of Resurgence.  The Enchanted Fishes are always circling each other, causing waves.  Like all signs, Pisces is dual;  we are all capable of acting for conflicting reasons, and of holding opposing emotions in our hearts at the same time.  How many of us enjoy sacrificing a bit to see the smile light in our childs eye?  How many of us have given up some years of our life, some lucrative position, in order to serve our country?  The motif of purification is a Piscean one, as we recall the act of washing and anointing the feet in Luke.  Lent is in full swing, and many of us are going an extra mile, or going without an extra treat so that we might strengthen our spiritual sense.  

     This resurgence in our inner life, in our vitality, in our will to live in all dimensions, can be overwhelming.  We see many odd phenomena in the early spring, High and low Strangeness, outbreaks of all kinds, the swirling eddy of the Piscean energy pulling us in opposing directions just too much to handle.  If we identify our most intense experiences as those of sacrifice, or of extremes, or of a wild ride, Friday has the potential to shred us to bits emotionally.  If we use alcohol or sacred substances recreationally, we may be courting disaster, literally 'dire star'.

     As New Years Day goes, so goes the rest of the year.  The spring equinox is recognized by most indigenous cultures as the beginning of the natural year, when the Light advances and defeats the darkness.  That eclipse at 9 41 AM Pacific time will be brief, but intense.  That deep shadow can cast it's most intense Piscean darkness over our soul, calling out the most fragile of tendrils toward emergence.  As the Light increases, several minutes each day, it has darkness on the run.  All things wax in the Light!  

     If we do start to feel overwrought and panicky, remember that Neptune rules Pisces, Neptune of music, sweet and clear and high and rhythmic.  While rock might be just the thing on some days, we want to stick to natural music now;  the sounds of the surf, of horses hooves, of birds calling in the morning.  The best music is Angels of the Deep, by Raphael;  and Missa Gaia, though Atlantis Angelis will do just fine, as will Music To Disappear In, and Rafaels Space.  Try it! 

     What prompted me to remind myself of all the good Pisces can do is the alarm some sky watchers are raising over Pluto/Uranus squaring off.  We have all been witnessing the horrors of rampant Pluto in Sagittarius, evil in religion in foreign parts, bursting out and flowing over all human and natural boundaries.  We have witnessed such evil before, and we will continue to do so until we take the lesson;  evil is an essence of it's own and will not respect us or our words.  It requires us to act.  Uranus embodies immediate and direct action.  Let's get a clue Star Travelers!  When we see evil, call it what it is, and kick it's ass.  How much clearer can the sky get? 

     Mark tomorrow evening, being Wednesday the 25th, 2015,  at 8 55 PM Pacific, 11 55 PM eastern time;  this is a window of opportunity for all of us Star Travelers.  A  conjunction of our daystar, the sun, and starry blue Neptune occurs at that moment in Aquarius, sign of all things new, renewed, and fresh.  This embrace of the Dream planet and the source of our own identity gives us a prime moment during which we may imagine, pray, act, dream, intend, vision, receive, invite or invoke.

     The wise will consider dawn a beginning point as the daystar rises amid the stars of a minor constellation off the elliptic, The Winged Horse, Pegasus. This beloved hero horse Pegasus once kicked open a spring of clear clean water (Aquarius), said to be the source of all poetic inspiration (Neptune).  We may choose to gather a loose list of impulses;  people admired, events hoped for, happenings wondered over, dreams still forming.  The Wise will reach out to the waiting stillness and invite the vision to come; with this conjunction rising, inspiration will come with pastel color, diaphanous texture, clear but distant sound.  We perceive the subtle when we sense the pure white Horse amid the clear sparkling waters pouring down from an Alabaster Jar... just revel in that one!!

     The Wisest will have already noted that people have been leaning a trifle askew, swaying off their usual course of good sense and sound humors, picking up the wrong bottles and puffing strange smoke.  Neptune is a spiritually attuned orb, which touches that longing within our souls for connection to Mystery, the vastness, the indescribable.  Some find the illusion of connection in disconnection from a seemingly harsh and hard world.  

     Neptune is also a dissolver, and the sun is our sense of Identity.  What can we not cure this day?  Who can we not touch with a healing prayer?  The boundaries are diffused into mist, and our power of connection is limited only by the Winged Horse.  As the two orbs come together, at midnight on the eastern seaboard, 9 PM Pacific, we can touch any other in the multiverse, regardless of distance or time.  The boundlessness of Neptune is absorbed into our own self identity of the sun.  We can reach forward in time or back, outward toward infinity or within, even further.  We too can become infused with the magickal brew of star power and limitlessness.   

     Star Travelers, this will one busy night!!

     Wasn't that one tough retrograde?  'OMG',  I said to myself, 'where are we going, and what's this hand basket about????' because things were wonky in triplicate.  The one good thing that this Mercury retrograde through Capricorn, the sign of tradition, aroused was a need for research.  I needed to know not just what was going so wrong but the real mechanics of the wrongness.  This led me, as always, to my first astrology teacher, who long ago went singing with the morning stars, who sighed like Aeolus over my Sag giddiness and optimism regarding scopes, and who was never, ever wrong about anything.  

     He used to speak volumes when quoting a simple line from the Nag Hammodi.  'For this reason, do not take error too seriously,' he would prompt, after lecturing me for half an hour about my levity.  Mercury in Capricorn is our chance to go back and correct  the errors in any issue related to Capricorn;  our family documents, Bibles and histories, all governmental matters, medical forms, daddy issues, problems with the current boss, besides being a great time to heal broken bones.  After hearing about the tax code changes, the IRS scandals, the promise of late returns due to budget cuts and the tremendous rise of scams and frauds, I wondered what the hell I wasn't supposed to take too seriously.  This isn't just going to work itself out now that Mercury is direct in the sign of stubbornness and rules and regulations.

     Or will it?  The next sign in the Way, Aquarius, is known to bring up Resurrection From The Depths.  This in itself is also scary;  what exactly is coming back, all dripping with fish scales and oozing with stinky seaweed?  Something lost, forgotten, forsaken, rejected, something blackened with age and in a mood to be rude?  Aquarius talks a lot about brotherly love, and freedom of choice, then limits your frequent flyer miles and caps your minutes in the name of the Common Good.  The sun bobs into the sign of the Jugs at 3 54 PM Pacific time on Friday the 13th;  so could it get worse????

     As I mentioned, I had to research the wrongness of the wrong, without taking it too seriously.  Things go wrong because we as humans make mistakes;  error is a result of our not correcting those mistakes immediately they are realized, and this is frequently due to Capricorn pride and stubbornness, laziness, or stolid stupidity in not recognizing an error when we see it.  It has been a whopping bad retrograde for all of us who have persisted in holding on to those private and personal errors which we hold so dear;  hence, the awful resurrection of all that and more.

     I think of my old friend who taught star travel;  a Gnostic numerologist, he also had his Sag qualities.  Hate has 4 letters, as does Love;   Hurt has 4 too and so does Heal.  Enemies has 7 letters,  Friends has 7 letters;   Lying has 5 letters, an equal number to Truth.  Express the Aeon, raised from the archon, and despise none.

     Keep it Light, Star Travelers!

  Heaven goes on a rollicking ride in Capricorn just as the sun enters the sign at the Top of the zodiac- the sign of sobriety, calm, and fine judgment of all the cosmic jokes!!  We are going to be feeling really sure of ourselves, our plans, our progress, then on Wednesday it all crashes to hell in a hand basket, minus the hand basket.  Mercury retrograde is a terrible thing when we aren't expecting it!!  The IRS has already let us know that our refunds (money, a Capricorn issue, as well as taxes) could be late.  And so it begins.

     This will affect us especially as the new moon in Capricorn precedes the retrograde by less than 24 hours.  We just make solid, real, concrete plans in the material sign, to have them yanked out from underneath and spun like a top.  Obviously, we are wise to keep our plans in planning stage, with improvisation key!!  

     Nebulous Neptune and Boisterous Mars will be separated as of the 21st, but watch that ride up!!  These two get together and shatter sweet dreams with a hammer, splashing glass everywhere, literally.  In the constellation of Aquarius, we are witnessing the orbs blow apart aspirations, goals, higher wisdom that belongs to the stratosphere and the Pleroma rather than the world; yet to some it can hurt worse than a broken ankle!

     Charitable Venus in Capricorn will be opposite Jupiter in Cancer for that week, so we are tempted toward coolness and distance in mood.  A great way to ruin a relationship!!  

     Let's be Wise, Star Travelers, and remember it is how we handle these energies, not how they treat us, that counts!! 

     The hour of midnight on New Years Day, 2015, is a fairly modern and totally secular date, not really in keeping with the natural or spiritual worlds, and not really a good time to begin anything.  There's nothing special about it, that simple.  The full moon in sidereal Gemin on the 4th of January, Sunday, is a whole different matter!!

     Venus, the heavenly rose,  reaches the Top of the Chart, Capricon,  where she feels tailored and business-like.  Stick to the traditional and watch office romance blossom!    Our emotions are coloring our view of our job, our world, but we get out and go for it anyway!!

     On Tuesday the 30th till the 1st the moon rockets through Aries, and we are sensitive about what people say.  Let's not take these New Years Resolutions all that seriously!!  And let's not let anyone spoil our new year, if that's what it is, by their thoughtless words!

    By 9 30 AM on the 1st of the new year the moon is calm and peaceful and feeling healthy in Taurus;  as it turns into Gemini for the weekend, coming full, we may feel psycho.  Gemini is like that.  We are wise to journal, draw, talk about it all till we go cottonmouth!

    On Monday the 5th the Cancer moon is waning and we may be a bit cranky, PMSy, or pregnant, depending on what we just did last weekend.

    Uranus in Aquarius fills our minds, souls, higher selves with the highest possible altruism!  We can use this ever strengthening energy as Lightworkers to really make a difference in our world!



   Saturday the 20th, 1 09 PM Pacific, 4 09 PM eastern;  I hope you made a date with some one or something you really love!  The embrace of radiant Stella Maris, also known as Venus, Mary Magdalene, and Mary of Nazareth, with deep brooding dark Pluto combined energies and resolved differences in the most fundamentally transformative way!  The intensity can be a little unnerving, and will be carried through the rest of the next year; be alert and aware.  

     I avoided all thoughts of chocolate at this hour;  already having an intense love affair there!!

     The winter solstice fell just before new moon on Sunday, December 21st, from the hours between 3 03 PM and 5 36 PM Pacific, or 6 06 PM till 8 36 PM eastern time.  As the sun came back from it's lowest point in the heavens, we breathed a collective sigh of relief- again- and counted our blessings.  Many of us spent some time prior to 3 PM in prayer and meditation of light, sending our inner voices to encourage, strengthen, and appreciate the presence of our Daystar.  This is called 'praying the sun up' in Wise circles, and obviously has nothing to do with the actual rotation of the planet.  

     As the moon came new in sidereal Sagittarius, the White Horseman of the Apocalypse, we experienced a moment of stellar revelation within our soul.  The new moon is always a magickal, somewhat dangerous hour, when all light is gone black and hidden deep inside;  a fallow moment when inception and transformation take place in the realms of the Spirit.  Now is when all things breathe life, or disappear.  Now is eternal in Gods mind.  What we were thinking at 5 37 PM Pacific, 8 36 PM eastern will repeat as a mandala throughout the new year.  It would most wisely have had to do with the laws of the universe, quantum physics, or what we really need and desire in our souls for a perfect life- perfect in attaining the celestial realms, by the way, the material things not so much though that does apply.  Our thoughts may have lingered on traveling the spheres, ascending the astral planes, reading the Akashic records or the eyes of the Sphinx;  we may have been thinking of taking an actual religious pilgrimage to Roslyn or the El Camino.  We may have launched a new quest for higher learning;  we may have applied the law of attraction more explicitly in our lives.  Whatever we conceived in mind from Spirit at this important new moon solstice will be a compass point in the way our year will progress.  

     Let's come back to this in our journal next solstice, 2015, to check our verity and our progress.

     Choose wisely, Star Travelers!

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